Port Chicago 50
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Just Completed:
Berkeley, CA.
Black Repertory Theater
3201 Adeline Street
Berkeley, Ca. 94703

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Orlando, FL
Houston, TX
San Antonio, TX
Chicago, IL
​Washington DC
New York

Some Strong Language Used
11210 Otsego Street 
North Hollywood, CA  91601

Produced by
Dennis Rowe Entertainment

Berkeley Times Performance Review
February 8, 2018

​Black History Month tends to                    carefully evolved through the                Port Chicago 50 is well written and
inspire top-notch lively arts, and               years to incorporate feedback               well played; and It features a full
perhaps this year’s most outstanding       from audiences, especially details        cast of characters who occupy all
show of all is the current production         remembered by survivors, for               points on the love-hate spectrum.
of PORT CHICAGO 50 at                         example, when Berkeley Times            In that way, its very revealing of the
Black Berkeley Rep – a historical             visited this production last Friday          struggles of the oppressed and worth
play by David Shackelford and                 Olympic Gold medal winner                  of one's attention - especially during
Dennis Rowe (who also directs)               Eddie Hart was in the audience            these strange times. 
based on the life of Port Chicago             and introduced to all after curtain
survivor Freddie Meeks.                           call.  Eddie explained that his father,    Berkeley Black Repertory theater is
This drama sizzles with racial                  TJ Hart (now deceased) was a Port      located at 3201 Adeline Street. 
tension from the get go. The year            Chicago survivor and a friend of         
is 1944, WWII is in full swing, and            Meeks.  Then Eddie described how
segregation in the U.S. Navy is the          his father's memory of the explosion
status quo. Then on July 17, at Port        and it's aftermath had influenced this.
Chicago, a munitions naval station          production. 
not far from Concord, something             According to Eddie, after the 
went terribly wrong, an explosion            explosion, his father was given the
so large it was felt in Nevada.                  grisly task of picking up unidentifiable
The blast made headlines, yet did           body parts - a memory that is 
not end the blatant racism within             recreated in the opening scene of the
military ranks. So that’s when this           second act.  No dramatic punches are
drama climaxes with intensity.                 are pulled here.
Told through the eyes of sea-
man Meeks, this play has been